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Mam Easy Start Anti Colic Bottle 260ml 2 pack - 2+ mths

Mam Easy Start Anti Colic Bottle 260ml 2 pack - 2+ mths

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Mam's Easy Start Anti-Colic Bottle are suitable from birth. A favourite with parents worldwide.

What Parents love about the Mam Bottles:

  • That baby actually uses it. Yes, this is a thing. Those little people know what they like.
  • It's easy to clean with instructions for sterilizing all the pieces in the microwave in just 3 minutes - no extra products, milton tablets, or fancy sterlizing machines necessary.
  • BPA and BPS free and developed in consult with medical experts.
  • Mam complies with European Standard EN 14350.

Babies like:

  • The soft nipple. It feels more like mum's than all the other brands thanks to the Mam Teat SkinSoft silicone surface.
  • The unique flat shape fits perfectly in baby's mouth.
  • The flow is great. Smooth drink-flow means more relaxed feedings.
  • It's ventilated with a patented valve so it's easier to get the hang of breathing and eating at once and this means less regurgitation. This bottle actually lets baby pick the pace of the feed instead of the bottle.

What other parents think:

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