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Love To Dream Swaddle Up 50/50 Winter Warmer - Stripe

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The Love to Swaddle UP 50/50 is an innovative way to help your baby transition from being snuggly and fully swaddled to the independence of a sleep bag. A great way to keep your little one nice and snug at night, for a better night for everyone.

Parents love:

  • That this Swaddle Up converts to a snug sleep bag for longer-term use.
  • That it can be used with a Snugbud™ to help with the transition process out of a swaddle and into a sleep sack.
  • The genius GENIUS genuis GENUIS (saying it 4 times adds emphasis and creates anticipation, yes?) two-way zipper which makes nappy changes so much easy (so, so, so, SO much easier!)
  • Knowing the design is hip-healthy, so your baby's hips and legs can flex and move freely and comfortably.

Babies love:

  • Being safe, being warm, being secure.

What do other mums and dads have to say?

Here are just a few of the reviews on the Love to Dream website:

"We bought the Swaddle UP 50/50 when our son was 3 months as he was wriggling out of his wraps and waking himself up and was starting to roll. It was an easy transition of only a day or so and was perfect as he much preferred his arms up so he could suck his fingers. It was great being able to start with one arm out before moving to 2 and we felt so much better knowing the wrap wouldn't end up over his face and there was no risk of suffocating when he rolled as his arms were right there!" 5/5 stars, Lexy.

"Amazing product!! The best ever sleep suits. Used them with all 3 children who thankfully have all been amazing sleepers!!" 5/5 stars, Jackie B.