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Booby pads! If you are a breastfeeding mum (or soon will be), you need to try Love Bubs reuseable breast pads - your nipples and the environment will thank you for it.

One thing that kind of gets glossed over during pre-natal classes, is just how much milk you might leak. Disposable breastpads are fine for moping up over-flow, but can cause chafing, and you can go through a lot of them (and we mean a LOT).

These reuseable breast/nursing pads from Love Bubs are simply fabulous, comfortable, and stylish too. They are extra absorbent so will help keep your shirt dry, giving you the confidence you need to get on with your busy day.

Mums love:

  • Having a dry shirt. Because while it's fun to tell the story when you're drunk and with your girlfriends about that one time you had wet patches around your nipples in front of everyone in the office (or the postoffice, or at school drop off, or at the bank...), it's actually not fun when it happens. 
  • The beautiful prints. These are one of our favourite things about Love Bubs reuseables - it's not entirely functional.
  • Being more environmentally friendly.
  • Saving money by not buying so many disposables.
  • That these reuseable breast pads will assist in keeping your nipples dry between feeds, which in turn helps sore or cracked nipples heal.
  • That these are made by a lovely woman from Levin, so you're also supporting New Zealand made.

What are they made of?

These gorgeous little pads have 4 layers:

  1. First, a lovely soft microfleece to draw moisture away from the skin to the absorbent part of the breast pad. Because this part does not hold moisture, it feels dry, keeping your skin dry. 
  2. Second, a SUPER thirsty Bamboo fleece. Bamboo is 3 - 4 times more absorbant than cotton, which makes it great for this. 
  3. Third is the PUL "PolyUrethane Laminate" which is the waterproof layer that stops any soaking through. PUL also means "Pretty Useful Layer", because this layer is pretty useful.
  4. Lastly, and most importantly, your fabric choice on top to make them pretty.

What's included?

This price is for 2 pads (one per breast). A great gift idea for breastfeeding mothers.

Please note – pattern placement may differ slightly to that pictured.

See what Kate Meads, Waste Free Parenting Advocate has to say about Love Bubs breastpads: