Weegoamigo Pearl Knit Toy Kitty

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A baby's instinct is to seek cuddles. Cuddles keep babies safe, and have for centuries.  Unfortunately, sometimes mums and dads feel a little "touched out" or need to get on with other chores during the day.

A cuddly companion like this pearl knit kitty is perfect for those moments, as cuddles from this little kitty will help soothe baby when mum or dad can't.

Parents love:

  • That your child has a little friend, whose cuddles can provide comfort in addition to cuddles from you, helping ease distress and anxiety.
  • How cute this little kitty is.
  • Knowing the soft knit won't harm baby.
  • That this toy is machine washable.

Children love:

  • Having a perfect cuddly companion and best friend.
  • The familiarity and reassurance they receive from having their special friend with them.
  • That other children absolutely love this kitty - she's the most popular amongst little visitors to Baby Box.


  • Size: 28cm high
  • Machine washable
  • Designed in Australia