Jack N' Jill Bio Toothbrush - Dinosaur

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It's fun to brush your teeth, with Jack N' Jill's bio toothbrushes and their different animal prints!

 Parents Love: 

  • How much their little ones love brushing their teeth, with this amazing toothbrush.
  • Jack N' Jill's toothbrush handles are made with 100% cornstarch and the bristles are made of nylon so it's easy to recycle and dispose of them! Shave the nylon bristles off, and put the cornstarch handle into the ground or your compost.
  • Run out of fun things to do with your kids? Take them outside and let them bury their toothbrush! Just snap the bristle head off and let the cornstarch handle biodegrade naturally.
  • Now you're doing a small bit to keep your planet clean. These brushes will not sit in land-fill for millions of years to come. They'll be gone in 100 days. 

Kids Love:  

  • That it's easy to hold with it's erganomic handle.
  • There's lots of different prints to choose from.
  • This won't hurt your gums because it's bristles are soft!


  • Handle made with 100% cornstarch.
  • Bristles are made from nylon which can be recycled.
  • Replace toothbrushes every eight weeks of less.

This product is for the Dinosaur toothbrush. Browse our collection for more animal friends. Or, pair this toothbrush with the Dinosaur cup from Jack N' Jill and the Dinosaur soap from Atawhai Farms.