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Franjos Kitchen

Franjos Kitchen Tanker Topper Biscuits – Gluten Free Choc Chip

Franjos Kitchen Tanker Topper Biscuits – Gluten Free Choc Chip

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Franjos Kitchen Tanker Topper Biscuits best selling flavour is now available in a Gluten Free pack. They’re absolutely delicious AND they’re good for you!

These lactation cookies will load you up with essential vitamins, minerals and good fats giving you the energy you need to deal with sleep deprivation, poonamis and the dreaded witching hour.

They’re also packed with galactagogues – ingredients that have been used for centuries to support a healthy milk supply. Every bite provides a heavenly break from the busyness of mum life, nourishing you with natural superfoods like quinoa, teff, coconut oil, chia, flaxseeds and buckwheat. Our gluten-free Tanker Toppers will provide you with much-needed energy and support a healthy milk supply.

Food allergies shouldn’t stand in the way of you and a plate full of chocolatey goodness. Get munching on our moreish morsels mumma (try saying that 10 times). Spoil your tastebuds and your bosoms with the best bikkies in town.

  • Ingredients: Gluten-free flour mix (organic buckwheat, teff), organic coconut oil, organic coconut sugar, organic maple syrup, organic shredded coconut, choc chips (9%) (sugar, vegetable fat, cocoa powder [14% cocoa solids]), emulsifier (soy lecithin), vanilla flavour, organic quinoa flakes, flaxseeds, chia seeds, gluten free brewer’s yeast, bicarbonate of soda, water.
  • Manufactured on equipment that also makes products containing soy, gluten, dairy and nuts.
  • 14 biscuits per tin.
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