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Dreambaby Liberty Stay Open Safety Gate - XTall

Dreambaby Liberty Stay Open Safety Gate - XTall

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Dreambaby Cosmopolitan Security Gate is a secure and extra tall gate designed with a metal finish, ideal for any home. The extra tallness of this gate helps to prevent children from climbing over and entering certain areas of the home which may pose hazards, such as a kitchen or staircase.

Parents love: 

  • How easy it is to use. With it's one hand opening function, it makes it easier for parents holding their children to open and close.
  • How tall it is! Children grow and so should their safety gates. Your little big children will find it hard to climb over the Liberty Xtall gate.
  • You don't need to muck around opening and closing the gate when you're bringing in groceries from the car. This safety gate has a stay open function which will allow you to make multiple trips to the car whilst the gate stays open.
  • It's easy to put together. Simply place the gate in the opening you would like to cover and twist away so that the gates pressure points are hard against the opening. Note: If you're placing the gate at the top of stairs then it may pay to use the screw installation version for added stabilisation.
  • Your baby won't get stuck in between the bars, because the 6.5 cm gaps between bars keep things safe.
  • It opens both ways!


  • Fits openings from 75-84 cm (30-32.25 in) ;
  • Gate height 93cm (36.5”);
  • Extends up to 2.84 m(111 in) with optional gate extensions with optional gate extensions: 9cm (3.5”), 18cm (7.0”) & 27cm (10.5”) 36cm (14”), 45cm (17.5”), 54cm (21”), 63cm (24.5”), 100 (39”);

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