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Done by Deer Zoopreme Pram Toy - Powder

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Your zoopreme safari friends dangle about to entertain you when you are awake and watch over you when you are asleep. This elastic pram toy is stimulating and beautiful, and will easily attach to the pram, car seat or buggy.

Parents love:

  • Take them anywhere! They don't only just attach themselves to prams, but they can also be attached to car seat capsules, cots and the head rest of a seat for toddler entertainment.
  • They make excellent friends for your baby.
  • Unlike real animals, Nozo, Antee and Zebee are super easy to clean! Just wipe them doen with a warm damp cloth.

Babies love:

  • Travelling far and wide with friendly safari friends to keep them company - Never feel alone! 
  • Nozo, Antee and Zebee can go with you almost anywhere!
  • What beautiful colours and patterns you have to look at! 


Material: 100% Polyester, Filling: Polyester fibers, Clips: polypropylene

Size: 45-58 cm

Age: 0+