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Done by Deer Happy Dots Compartment Plate

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The Happy Dots compartment plate features our friend Raffi! Raffi is very interested in your veggies - eat them before she does!

This clever compartment plate with happy dots separates food out and co-ordinates with Done By Deer's other dinner set items, as well as their toy and lifestyle items.

Parents love:

  • The easy to use compartments, which keep everything tidy and encourage fussy eaters to eat.
  • That the plate is dishwasher safe.

Children love:

  • Raffi is ready to eat with you.
  • Your little cup can fit into the little compartment.
  • Your food doesn't have to touch if you don't want it too.
  • It's easy to have sauces and dips on the plate.
  • Independence!




Material: 100% melamine, no formaldehyde!

Cleaning: Dishwasher safe, don't use in microwave.

Size: 28.5x19 cm