Unimom Breast Milk Storage Bags – Thermal Sensor


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It isn't often that you hear "Breastmilk storage" and "clever design" in the same sentence. Yet here we go: Unimom have invented a clever design which allows you to re-heat your breastmilk storage bags to the right temperature for your baby. Pretty cool, huh?

The thermal sensor on the bag will change colour from BLUE to HALF WHITE indicating when milk is ready for use. Or full WHITE when milk is too hot for baby. 

These durable bags will ensure you can store your precious milk for the longest duration possible while preserving all the great nutrients that you provide for your baby.

Very handy for freezing and transporting alot of milk while taking up little space. Can be used as food pouches for baby food too. 

Mums love that these bags are:

  • Able to be re-heated to the perfect temperature.
  • Pre-sterilised, so your breastmilk stays fresh.
  • Anti-leak, due to the double zip lock seals and double layer to the bag.
  • Self standing, minimising leaks in the freezer and making it easier to express into the bag or pour from a breastpump into them.
  • Freezer safe, so you can store more milk for longer.
  • Able to be washed in boiling water so you can use them again (good for the environment and your wallet).
  • Able to be used to store baby food as well as breastmilk.


  • Available as a 20 or 40 pack.
  • Each bag can store up to 7oz / 210ml. We recommend storing milk from expression sessions in separate bags, and not storing too much in one bag as once thawed it cannot be frozen again.

How long can you keep your breastmilk?

  • The Ministry of Health provides guidelines which you can follow to ensure you are storing breastmilk correctly and for the right amount of time. Ask your midwife or Plunket nurse for the most up-to-date guidelines.
  • We also find this website very useful: Kelly Mom Guidelines for Storing Milk

How do these bags compare, price-wise, with other milk storage bags?

  • Per bag, these thermal Unimom breastmilk storage bags are less than 60 cents each. Other trusted brands of breastmilk storage bags cost over 1 dollar a bag. 


Given how much time and effort goes into making breastmilk, we think you owe it to yourself and your baby to ensure you are storing it safely and effectively. The thermal Unimom storage bags give you the confidence of knowing your milk is stored safely, and has been re-heated to the perfect temperature.

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