Coat Hangers

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These fun wooden coathangers will tidy up your child's wardrobe, and make you feel organised and excited about dressing your little one.

Parents love:

  • That these hangers look so much nicer than plastic ones.
  • That these hangers are more environmentally friendly than plastic ones, because they are made of wood.
  • Being able to look into the wardrobe and easily see the clothing.
  • The calmness that comes with being organised and tidying a wardrobe up.

Children love:

  • TBH (to be honest) most children won't notice.

Bonus tips for organisation:

To keep things nicely organised and maintain that sense of calm, we recommend using a consistent colour of hanger if possible (or using colour coding for different item types). We also recommend only hanging when it's truly necessary, and folding using a method like the Konmari Folding Method to keep most of your child's clothing organised.

Not in stock?

If we don't have the colours or amounts you need, please call us as we can order these in for you. We can source white, green, blue, or yellow hangers on request. This is something we love doing for parents because we know it sounds silly but sometimes that sense of calm when everything is in it's place is just what you need to have a good day. And we love giving parents those feel good vibes.