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Close Pop-In

Close Pop-in Bamboo Bright Nappies 5 Pack

Close Pop-in Bamboo Bright Nappies 5 Pack

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The Close Pop-in is a nappy fitting from newborn through to toilet training. It's also one of the easiest cloth nappies to use on the market, with an innovative "pop in" system of colour coded pop buttons which makes putting the nappy together simple. 

This pack contains 5 gorgeous bright close pop-in nappies and one overnight booster.

Parents love that:

  • One size fits all - which means you don't need to buy as many nappies.
  • The gusseting around legs helps your baby stay dry, and is as leak proof as the best disposable nappies.
  • The soft bamboo keeps sensitive bottoms fresh, and there's no chemicals to worry about. However, you can also switch the inners for Minkee inserts, if you need the extra absorbency.
  • The fun bright colours add a pop of personality and interest. These nappies are also available in prints and pastels, so you can build a unique collection over time.

Babies love that:

  • These nappies are comfortable for their little bottoms.
  • They have really fun colours and prints to enjoy. 

What's it made out of?

The New Gen V2 Pop-in is made from gorgeously soft and incredibly absorbent bamboo inners and the outer shells come in 5 different bright colours. NOTE: The bamboo inners are not compatible with previous versions.

Why Bamboo?

We like bamboo for lots of reasons. We discovered that it is a luxuriously comfortable cloth that is antibacterial, antifungal, hypoallergenic and naturally breathable to keep babies happier for longer and that’s just the way it is naturally.

It’s natural structure means it is cool in the summer and warm in winter. We recommend bamboo for parents who are concerned about sensitive or allergy prone skin, or those who simply want an alternative to cotton or man-made fibres.

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, mainly because it has an extraordinary capacity to absorb water which helps it to grow faster. The end result is an excellent wicking fibre, which is 3-4 times more absorbent than cotton.

Bamboo is grown naturally, without industrialised farming. It is sustainable, and thrives without pesticides or fertilizers. It is 100% biodegradable, cuts like grass and re-shoots without being uprooted which means it can grow in places where other crops are simply not viable.

All things considered we think it is the perfect nappy material.

How much money can you save?

The average baby could use 6000 disposable nappies in 2.5 years.

We price-checked at Countdown Supermarket, November 2017.

Average costs were:

  • Homebrand, 30 cents a nappy = $1,800
  • Treasures, 56 cents a nappy = $3,360
  • Huggies, 64 cents a nappy = $3,840

You only really need to buy this 20 cloth nappies, and even calculating the cost of washing, it works out costing a lot less. (Not to mention the environmental cost.)

What support is out there?

At Baby Box we can teach you how to use your close pop-in nappies.

We also recommend the following websites:

Notes on colour-fastness:

We love colour co-ordinating our pop-in soakers and boosters with their outer shells, but please be aware that many factors can affect the colours of the inserts once in use, including detergents and of course the content of the nappies, variable as they are.

We therefore cannot guarantee that the colours will retain their integrity and in some circumstances may become stained or lose their colour. Please be assured that this does not affect the functionality of the product in any way so we cannot indemnify against this and it is not covered by the warranty.

Please wash dark colours separately.

Need to see it in action?

This video is very good at describing how close pop-in nappies work. Just note that the demo nappy is not the version 2 that we sell - the version 2 goes from newborn and has laundry tabs included.



Also available in pastels.


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