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Close Pop-In

Close Pop-In Reuseable Breast Pads - 3 Pairs (6pcs) in mesh bag

Close Pop-In Reuseable Breast Pads - 3 Pairs (6pcs) in mesh bag

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What's your #breastfeedingblunder? The most common breastfeeding blunder is probably the wet shirt day. You know what I'm talking about. It's when your nipples start thinking they should be all sympathetic or something, and suddenly you're walking around with huge patches on your t-shirt. 

We love breastfeeding, we do. But I think most mums have some awkward story to tell. Have one less of those stories, and save yourself some laundry, with the Close Pop-in Breast Pads. This 3 pack of reuseable bamboo breast pads will keep you (and your shirt) nice and dry.

Mums love:

  • How the Close Pop-in breast pads are shaped to fit the natural contours of the breast, improving the fit and reducing the chance of visible lines.
  • The unique ‘seal to skin’ binding, which helps keep the pad in place but also reduces any chance of leaking, even when the pad is full, giving you peace of mind to just enjoy your day.
  • That the pad is incredibly slim and won't show through your clothing.

What's it made out of?

There are three layers.

1. Next to the breast a fast-wicking polyester that takes away the wetness from the skin,

2. Inside, the absorbent core is soya bean fabric, well known for its natural absorbency, softness and thermo-regulating properties, and

3. Lastly there is a full layer of waterproof laminate.

The pads come packed in their own mesh laundry bag with six pads in a pack. Excellent value!

What do mums think?

Check out this amazing review:

"I love these breast pads. I used to use disposable breastpads on my first child and I spent so much money on them! This time I opted for washable one and these really really do a great job! Zero leakage and they fit great!! It doesn't matter if they don't have an adhesive at the back if you have a good fitting bra. I even bought another set to give as a present. They are highly recommended! They also have a very good shape which curves/cups your breasts nicely. I bought flat ones (a different brand) before and they just crumpled in my bra. These ones are great. They're thin, soft and leakproof!"

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