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Close Pop-In

Close Pop-In Night Time Training Pants - Squirrel

Close Pop-In Night Time Training Pants - Squirrel

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Dry during the day but not quite yet there at night? Love to escape the cost of disposable pull-ups? Then these Close Pop-in Night Time Training Pants are the perfect reusable solution!

Why parents love the Close Pop-in Night Time Pants

  • They are easy to pull up and down, so if your toddler or pre-schooler does wake up for the toilet, it's quick to get them there.
  • Inside there is a full layer of PUL, and a clever combo of absorbent and waterproof fabrics coupled with a deep elastic cuff to provide protection from leaks. In short: they actually keep the wees in.
  • You can add a close bamboo daytime booster (sold separately) into the pocket for added absorption.
  • Machine washable. Because all parents love easy cleans.

Which size should I get?

  • Medium: 18 - 24 months. Fits 11.5-12.5 kg / 25.4-27.6 lbs
  • Large: 2 - 2.5 years. Fits 12.5-13.5 kg / 27.6-29.8 lbs
  • Extra Large: 2.5 - 3.5 years. Fits 13.5-15 kg / 29.8-33 lbs
  • Extra Extra Large: 3.5 years. Fits 15 kg+ / 33 lbs +
  • If in doubt, we recommend sizing up
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