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Close Pop-In

Close Pop-In General Boosters 3 Pack

Close Pop-In General Boosters 3 Pack

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If you have a heavy wetter, you might think that cloth nappies won't work for you.

Fortunately, extra boosters can offer that little bit extra absorbancy to ensure heavy wetters won't leak and stay comfortable in reuseables.

These extra boosters offer a little extra absorbancy for heavy wetters or for use during day-time naps. They are designed to work in any cloth nappy, but pop-in to attach to the Close Pop-in reuseable range.

Parents love:

  • Being able to minimise the environmental impact associated with babies and nappies.
  • Making their baby comfortable.
  • Keeping their baby dry.
  • That these are perfect as an extra booster for daytime naps.
  • That these work so well with the Close Pop-in nappies, but also work in any cloth nappy.

Babies love:

  • The bamboo is soft and ultra absorbant, keeping them dry and comfortable.


  • Composition: Bottom layer is 70% bamboo viscose, 30% cotton. Top layer is 100% polyester.
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