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Close Pop-In

Close Pop-In Compostable Liners 2 Rolls (160 liners)

Close Pop-In Compostable Liners 2 Rolls (160 liners)

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Liners help you make clean up a breeze when you're using cloth nappies!

Parents love that these liners:

  • Are biodegradable, and can be used with any reuseable nappy. 
  • The liners make reusable nappy more flexible, allowing you to use it in the way you want to, when you want to…
  • Reduce mess when storing dirty nappies and doing your laundry. 
  • After use, if they are wet, they can be placed in your bin or flushed away if soiled. 
  • Are made from PLA (cornstarch).
  • Are disposable, flushable, and compostable.
  • Maintain dryness and retain solids.
  • Are soft yet strong!

Babies love:

  • The liner allows moisture to pass one way though the nappy to help keep baby dry, whilst also retaining solids to keep the nappy clean.
  • With a lovely soft texture they are great for the most delicate bottoms.

What's included?

2 rolls of 80 biodegradable liners in PLA (a modern polyester derived from natural starches or sugars) cut to fit your Close Pop-in Reuseable nappy but which may be used with any reusable nappy. 


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