Classic World Animal Sorting Truck

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This beautiful pull along truck will challenge and entertain your little one. Marvel at your child's intellect and enjoy special moments together.

Parents love:

  • Having toys that will last and be enjoyed for a long time (and probably by more than one child).
  • That this beautiful truck and the fun animals are made out of wood, which is better for the environment than plastic.

Children love to play, in so many ways:

  • New babies will stare at the truck sitting next to them, wondering about those bright colours.
  • Then perhaps it's time to roll and reach out towards it.
  • A few months later, will your baby start to wriggle and crawl? Encourage him or her by pulling this truck along. The only way to grab it, is to move forward.
  • Next your child will discover puzzles. Let's make the animals fit into the truck. Practice makes perfect, and we have all the time in the world.
  • And now your child is starting to walk. Let's again encourage movement by pulling the truck in front of them.
  • Ha! Mastered walking (and running). Now it's time to take the truck and all the animal friends along behind us.
  • Are we counting? How many animals can you fit in the truck? What kinds of animals are there? And what noises do those animals make? Can you make a noise like that? How loud? Really?? I can roar louder. Not too loud though, we might wake your brother...
  • And look! Now you are too old for this truck. But we know someone who isn't...

 Note: small parts do pose a choking hazard, adult supervision required.