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Childhome Evolu 2 Highchair White

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Have you ever walked into a shop to look at highchairs and been underwhelmed by the way they look? Or their lack of functionality? The Evolu2 is not only super stylish in the way it is designed, but it also lasts a long time and is so safe because of it's 5 point harness!

Parents love:

  • That you can use it for a long period of time - start it as a high chair and turn it into a wee chair as your child grows.
  • It's fabulous designer features, fitting for a modern home.
  • With the addition of extra legs, you can use it at a kitchen bar or counter - great for apartment living.
  • An adjustable 5 point harness keeps your baby secure and safe.
  • The harness can be removed for easy cleaning or removed altogether when your baby is bigger (e.g. 36 months) .
  • Non slip feet keep baby from slipping and sliding around on smooth floors
  • It is customisable, with different colours of trays available to add on. You can also add a storage basket, a different coloured eating tray or have no tray at all. Make your highchair suit your child and your style.
  • Easy to clean!
  • It's light weight and easy to move and store when not in use.

Babies love:

  • Sitting at the table with the family.
  • It becomes a small chair for them.
  • The foot stool allows them to rest their feet and stops their legs from dangling.
  • Having their own table to eat at.


  • No weight restrictions 
  • 5 kg - nice and light
  • 92 cm in height (set at the normal high chair setting)
  • Product width and depth 56cm

How does this highchair compare on price?

You can definitely buy a cheaper highchair if what you're after is "just a highchair". But, if you're looking for a highchair that also:

  • Has a great contemporary European design (fitting your decor)
  • Has the functionality and safety of a full harness, and
  • Has the longevity that comes with being able to convert into a chair

We think you'll find the Evolu2 very reasonably priced.

Let's compare to similar chairs on the market right now (December 2017): 

  • The Nuna Zaaz - $489.99 (contemporary design, full harness, convertable)
  • The Stokke Tripp Trap - $349.99 (contemporary design, full harness, convertable)
  • The Childcare Pod - $249.99 (contemporary design, full harness, but does not convert into a child's chair)

We think that you'll find the Evolu2 highchair a great fit for your modern home.

or 6 weekly interest-free payments from $44.99 with what's this?