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Childhome Evolu 2 Highchair White

Childhome Evolu 2 Highchair White

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The Childhome Evolu 2 Highchair is a trendy 2-in-1 high chair with a white seat and natural legs that adjusts to 2 table heights for versatility and longevity: standard eating table of 75cm and a children's table of 50cm. Simple to assemble and easy to use and clean.

This highchair comes equipped with a 5-point safety harness and a removable safety bumper to keep your little one from toppling out or standing up in the chair.

Suitable for children from 6 months up to 6 years old. The use of a high chair is recommended once your child is able to sit straight independently. Being able to convert into a beautiful small chair helps ensure you are not wasting money on a short term item. There is no advised weight limit on this chair, given the sturdy wooden and metal legs mean it would be impossible for a child who fits the chair to be too heavy for it. 

With the optional long legs, the high chair is also adaptable to a kitchen isle of 90cm (legs sold separately).

An eating tray that is adaptable in depth is optionally available either in white or in wood.

Key Specs:

  • Height of seat at height of eating table: 59cm.
  • Height of footrest at height of eating table: 42cm.
  • Height of seat at height of kitchen island: 77cm.
  • Height of footrest at height of kitchen island: 57cm.
  • Dimensions of footrest: width 31cm - depth 11cm.
  • Groundsurface - height of eating table: 56xm x 56cm
  • Groundsurface - height of kitchen island: 67cm x 67cm
  • Dimensions: 56 x 56 x 92 cm
  • Composition: Seat: Polypropylene Legs: Beech
  • EN-Norm: EN 14988:2017
  • Maintenance: Clean with damp cloth and dry immediately
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