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Chicco Infrared Thermometer

Chicco Infrared Thermometer

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The Chicco Infrared Thermometer is a new thermometer that allows you to be always connected and monitor baby's fever everywhere.

Scan your family member's forehead, with the infrared technology gathering an immediate measurement appearing in just 1 second. You can then transfer this data to your smartphone, to monitor on the accompanying app by Chicco Baby Universe.

Use the Chicco Baby Universe App to monitor the fever, view and share data with whoever you choose. Great for use when a parent is apart from their child, or wants to share information with the family doctor.

The Chicco Infrared Thermometer can also be used to test bath water or food temperatures for your peace of mind.


  • FEVER ALARM: Reveal a possible pyretic episode with an acoustic signal.
  • LARGE DISPLAY: Large backlight display for use at night
  • INSTANT AND FAST: The infrared technology allows you to measure the temperature of the baby simply in just 1 second.
  • 3 IN 1: MULTIFUNCTION: measures fever and more. It can also be used to identify the temperature of objects and liquids.
  • The APP Chicco Baby Universe records and shares all the values and measurements to create a fever diary, which is always available on your smartphone.
  • Suitable from 0m+.
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