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Chicco Baby Senses Apple Rattle and Teether

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Chicco's Baby Senses Apple Rattle and Teether is a sensory experience for little grabbers. Four handles make it easy to hold on to for little chubby fists, and the different textures, the teething handles, the threaded beads, and the crunchy leaf, offer loads of entertainment.

Parents love the Apple Rattle and Teether because:

  • Two of the handles are made of soft plastic, and offer soothing relief to teething children (so basically: your child cries less and doesn't bite you as much).
  • Most of the apple is made out of plush material, which is gentle for baby.
  • It's easy for baby to hold onto, and they actually want to hold it because of the different experiences it provides. This means you won't have to pick it up as often as you would the more boring and harder to grip toys. 

Babies love the Apple Rattle and Teether because:

  • The four handles are designed for little hands to hold.
  • The leaf makes an interesting sound when you squeeze it.
  • You can chew on it. The handles are pretty good actually, especially on gums.
  • There's a little caterpiller as well, and he smiles.
  • You can pull the little rings around on him.
  • If you shake him, he makes a little chinking sound.
  • The colours are bright and interesting.
  • Your big sister or brother wants it too. So it's twice as interesting.


  • Material - Plush and plastic parts
  • 4 handles to easy hold, mobile rings, rattle, crackles
  • Easy to hold
  • Machine washable
  • Dimensions: 9 x 14 x 13 cm

Recommended Age

3-24 months