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Chicco Animal Tummy Time Boppy Pillow

Chicco Animal Tummy Time Boppy Pillow

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The Chicco Animal Tummy Time Boppy Pillow makes tummy time fun and safe. Ideal for strengthening baby's back muscles while exploring and having fun, with the three toys attached. A booklet, a ring and coloured balls.

The mirror that stimulates your baby's curiosity and desire to discover, the fabric booklet with first numbers 1, 2 ,3 and cute animals helps you enjoy learning about the world together. A ring with coloured balls for your baby to jingle helps with learning cause and effect - plus makes them giggle.

Paediatricians recommend tummy time every day to strengthen the muscles of the neck of baby. Safe, fun with Boppy tummy time pillow and it's natural animal design.

Age recommendation- 2-9m, Product dimensions- 38 x 10 x 30cm, Machine washable after removing the plastic rings.

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