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Bumbleride Parent Pack - Fits Indie/Speed/Era/Twin

Bumbleride Parent Pack - Fits Indie/Speed/Era/Twin

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If you need a little extra storage, the Bumbleride parent pack may be just what you need.  The Parent Pack attaches directly to the handle of your stroller with 4 velcro straps, for any handlebar angle.

  • It's so easy to attach the Parent Pack.
  • It gives you extra storage, for your phone, snacks, keys, or whatever else. 
  • It's made out of really durable, recycled, fabric.
  • It's easy to remove and can be machine washed (easy!)
  • It folds down with the stroller (easy!)
  • It includes two adult sized cup holders
  • Has a secure magnetic pouch, so you definitely won't lose your keys or other valuables.
  • Works with the Indie, Speed, Era, Indie 4, Flite and Indie Twin. Two can be attached to an Indie Twin at the same time.
  • Fairly universal design for use with other brands of stroller.


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