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Bumbleride Mini Board

Bumbleride Mini Board

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When you have a preschooler or toddler, and a baby, it can be hard to go out and keep everyone happy. This skateboard-style toddler board can make life a lot easier for you, and make walks fun again for everyone. The Bumbleride Mini Board attaches to the back of your Bumbleride stroller, offering a fun and dynamic transitional tool for growing toddlers, while also extending the lifespan and relevance of the stroller.

Key Features of the Bumbleride Mini Board:

  • Compatible with the Bumbleride Era, Indie, and Indie Twin (not compatible with the Bumbleride Speed).
  • Maximum weight capacity of 44lbs (20 kgs.)
  • It's safe, with a slip-resistant deck to stabilise toddlers' toes as they ride in the standing position, holding on to the handlebar.
  • It's easy to install, using a clamp attachment system.
  • It's fun! Two durable swivel wheels provide maximum manoeuvrability and tracking.
  • Should only be used on even terrain at walking speed.
  • Remove to fold stroller.


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