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Bumbleride Indie/Speed Rain Shield

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If you love your Bumbleride stroller, you'll want to use it no matter the weather.

This accessory will keep your baby dry, and will mean you can get your exercise in - rain or shine!

Parents love:

  • That the rain cover is compatible with BOTH the Indie and the Speed strollers.
  • Being confident that they can get their walk or run in, no matter the weather.
  • Knowing their child is having a great time and staying dry and healthy.

Children love:

  • Staying dry.
  • Going for walks in the rain, and watching the raindrops hit the rain shield.
  • That it's made out of a ventilated, non-PVC polymer. This means it's not just trapping all the hot air inside with them.

Reviews from the Bumbleride website include:

Iva, 30/11/17, "Cold winter nights just got toasty! I distinctly remember the snow that packed up last year and prevented us from being outside with a 8 week old baby. I wasn't going to let that happen this time so we picked up the cover just as the temps started falling here in Eastern WA. Although no snow on the ground we can still take our post dinner walks in cold weather..."

Annie, 28/11/17, "Works perfectly! Already winter up here in VT and this cover protects our little one from the harsh winds and snow that come with it!"

Dan, 26/07/17, "Great We love our bumbleride. Rain cover fits perfectly, light weight and easy to transport also comes with nice bag to keep it in so it is easy to find in the basket."

Sarah, 10/4/17, "Perfect for rain and snow! We used our rain cover all winter and spring through rain and, more frequently, snow here in Alaska. In addition to protecting from the elements, the Indie rain cover makes a nice enclosed space for baby--keeping the wind out and warm air in on a cold day. Our little one stayed cozy and warm with this cover combined with a footmuff! Definitely a great accessory for active and outdoorsy families."

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