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Bambeado Amber Bead Bracelet

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They say amber helps soothe teething babies. Anything that helps soothe teething babies is a winner in our books! These bracelets are great for parents who don't like the idea of baby wearing a necklace, or for those who love the necklace but want a cute matching set of baby jewels.

Parents love:

  • Receiving this as a baby shower gift, because it's so cute.
  • Having a calm and happy child.
  • How cute their little one is wearing an bracelet.

What's it made out of and what's included?

Bambeado Baby Baltic Amber Jewellery is 100% guaranteed genuine baltic amber. Designed with safety in mind, featuring a plastic screw clasp and knots in between each bead. Each piece is unique and comfortable for your baby.

This amber bracelet is a great amber alternative to the traditional necklace, or it could be purchased as part of a matching set of amber products. They consist of bud amber which is polished and round in shape.

Your Bambeado will come with a natural woven pouch for storage along with a care and safety insert.

How big is it?

They are approximately 14cm in length, slightly shorter than the anklets for babies. The amber bracelet is an option for your baby to wear while you're sleeping. A baby sock can be easily slipped over the top to hold in place if needed.

Is it safe?

We don't stock products at Baby Box unless they are absolutely safe and the supplier can substantiate that.

Safety is of the highest priority at Bambeado and they have taken the following measures with all their baby and children's products:

  • Submitted their products for testing, and successfully passed all relevant safety standards.
  • Each piece is fitted with a screw clasp, so it cannot be easily removed.
  • Each amber piece is hand knotted so that if the bracelet breaks, only one piece of amber comes off.

Still, parental guidance is advised for the usage of these products for kids under three years. Care and safety instructions are included with every purchase.

Does it come with a warranty?

We can offer Bambeado's 6 month warranty on all our Bambeado Amber jewellery and a 14 day change of heart exchange if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase – simply get in touch with us.