Bambeado Baby Silicone Little BamBam Teething Toy

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Bam Bam is a top rated teething toy, and is so easy to use! A great deal of time and research has gone in to developing Little Bam Bam to ensure it is the perfect teething toy.

Parents love:

  • It quiets your little one momentarily. Enough said.

Babies love:

  • The Perfect Material - soft enough, yet hard enough: The balance is a hard one to get right, but Bambeado now have it just right. Those little gums are crying out for relief. If the product is too soft then it will do nothing, if it is too hard then it could cause extra pain. 
  • The perfect shape: Little hands and little mouths need to be catered for. The horns and feet are perfect for those chubby fingers to grip and width of Little Bam Bam means it can't be pushed too far into the mouth. Also, this isn't just some boring ring but a cute smiling giraffe that the babies just love.
  • The perfect texture: Bumps, ridges and indents all help stimulate bubby.


  • There are no cracks of joins for bacteria to build up in.
  • It can be put in the dishwasher or in boiling water to sterilise.
  • It can be put in the fridge or freezer to cool down - which can be extra soothing on those gums. 

Watch the video through to see other parents' testimonials!