Baby First Jumbo Microwave Steriliser

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Sometimes it can seem like it'd be easier to learn how to build a rocket than learn how to bottle feed. The push to encourage breast feeding women over the past decade has been admirable, and in many ways fantastic, but it's important information about bottle feeding isn't kept off limits.

At Baby Box we don't care how you feed your baby. We love LOVE and love breastfeeding, because it's a normal thing babies do and we love babies. But we also know that it isn't the only way babies eat.

The mums working here have tried everything. Seriously. We know the boobs but we also know the botts. And one thing is for sure when it comes to bottle feeding: you need sleep.

Rather than fiddling around measuring out water to milton tablet ratios, or boiling pots on the stove, you can spend time in your bed SLEEPING if you use a microwave steriliser. This is something they don't publish in the hospital brochures.

This microwave steriliser will fit most full size microwaves and can hold up to 6 standard feeding bottles.

Parents love:

  • Saving time. You can do six bottles at once, and it takes just a push off a button.
  • It fits in most full size microwaves. No fancy equipment.


  • Bottle holder included.
  • Bottles not included.
  • This steriliser is BPA free.

How does this steriliser compare on price?

Other brands of microwave steam sterilisers cost around $80. Electric steam sterilisers cost even more, and some on the market cost over $180. We believe the Baby First microwave steriliser is a practical and affordable option.