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Baby First

Baby First 100% Cloth Nappies 6 Pack

Baby First 100% Cloth Nappies 6 Pack

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These cloth nappies are a great and versatile addition to your hospital bag. Use as a cloth in your cot under your baby's head, a burping bib, rolled padding for newborns, or even as a nappy (the original use!)

Parents love:

  • The versatile nature.
  • Some parents swear by these old versions of cloth nappies, and love using them for that purpose as they really are ridiculously inexpensive when compared with the ongoing cost of disposable nappies.
  • Having something that is 100% cotton to put next to baby's sensitive skin.

Babies love:

  • Being swaddled.
  • Being changed.
  • Being played with.
  • Being clean.
  • ... These cloth nappies help achieve all of the above!

If you are using these the traditional way, we recommend using Close Pop-in Compostable Liners with them to make life easier.

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