BabyBundles Merino-Cotton Cloud Print Duvet Sleeping Bag 3-24 Months

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When winter comes and all your child does is kick off the blimming blankets. And then cries. Because they are cold. But you settle them back down again, and slip them gently back under the covers. And 2 hours later it starts again because it's cold and your child is fussy and likes to kick and wriggle.

How can you stop this madness? A winter weight sleeping bag will do the trick. Merino sleeping bags are an innovation that helps prevent baby waking in the night. A popular alternative to sheets and blankets.

Parents love:

  • That a merino sleeping bag will prevent baby from wrigging out of the blankets and getting cold. That means more sleep for you and baby.
  • How easy these are to use. Simply open the bag out flat by undoing the shoulder domes and opening the zip. Lay baby on the opened bag, and insert their arms through the armholes. Dome up the second side and zip up around baby. Baby is now snug as a bug in a rug!
  • New Zealand made!

Babies love:

  • That the self-regulating natural fibres keep baby comfortable all night long by regulating moisture and temperature.
  • Even unfamiliar surroundings are easy to sleep in, as baby associates the bag with sleep.

What's it made out of?

These bags are made from a mix of cotton and merino. On the inside, 100% superfine New Zealand merino (200gms, 18.9 micron) is so soft, like silk. The middle holds an extra layer of 50% cotton and 50% bamboo, for extra warmth in winter. The outside is 100% cotton, and knitted in New Zealand.

There are 2 domes on one shoulder, and an open ended side zip, opening from the bottom of the bag all the way up to under one arm.

Available in Infant 90cm long and 40 cm wide