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Baby Dam

Baby Dam Baby Bath

Baby Dam Baby Bath

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The Baby Dam is a simple and practical solution to baby bath times! This bathwater barrier turns your family-sized bath into a baby bath suitable for a newborn or older child!  

It can be fitted in seconds and seals perfectly in any chosen position across all standard straight sided baths.

Is environmentally friendly. It will save water, save heating, save time and save money, ultimately paying for itself in energy efficiency!

Perfect for rural properties.

This will also save mum and dad’s backs! No more awkward carrying and emptying of large impractical baby baths!

Suitable from newborn to toddler!

REMEMBER: Never leave baby unattended at bath time. BabyDam is not a toy.

Approximate Dimensions of product: 57cm wide + seals on each side approx. 3.5cm

Works best with standard sizes baths that do not have bubbles/anti slip mats built into the tub. Follow the video instructions below carefully to ensure an effective seal.

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