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Ardo Double Breast Pump Set (Extra Parts)

Ardo Double Breast Pump Set (Extra Parts)

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Ardo Double Breast Pump Set

Buying the Double Breast Pump Set helps with busy Mum's who are needing to pump often but don't have the time to wash and sterilizes bottles in between pumps.  

We all know how busy and stressful being a pumping Mother can be, having that extra lot of bottles to store in your car or at work means you don't have to stress about leaving part of your pump at home! 

Perfect for working Mum's who are constantly travelling and need the extra bottles to pump.

Buy in addition to your Single or Double Ardo Breast pump. Great if you have bought a pump second hand so you can have hygienic parts just for you while making the most of the motor unit.

    • Safe and hygienic double pump set for expressing
    • Double pumping reduces the pumping time by half 
    • Vacuum Seal technology gives 100% protection and prevents contamination of pump or milk
    • Made from premium-quality Bisphenol-A (BPA) free materials
    • Material FDA Tested
    • Swiss made


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