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Ardo Calypso Double Plus Electric Breast Pump

Ardo Calypso Double Plus Electric Breast Pump

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 The Ardo Calypso Double Plus Electric Breast pump is a powerful yet quiet gentle breast pump offering individual flexibility to meet mums expressing needs.

Why do mums love the Ardo Calypso Double Plus Electric Breast Pump?

  • Simply put it is the quietest electric breast pump on the market.
  • It is compact, and easy to use.
  • You can adjust for a perfect fit using the included shells, and then adjust the speed cycle and vacuum suction as well for your own individual comfort. Up to 64 combinations are possible. 
  • You can adjust the settings independently while pumping, allowing for very sensitive adjustments during stimulation and expressing.
  • It is mains OR battery operated so even mums who work in hospitals or on their feet have an option.
  • Winner of the Mumsnet best awarded for the last 5 years, and endorsed by the Australian breastfeeding association. Proven and trusted.

Noteworthy Features of the Calypso Double Plus Electric Breastpump

  • Quietest breast pump on the market (Information on the validated test conditions and detailed test results at
  • Mumsnet Best Awarded for last 5 years

  • Made in Sweden.
  • Individually adjustable settings for speed and suction

  • Vacuum Seal technology gives 100% protection and prevents contamination of pump or milk

  • Provided with a selection of breast shell sizes and soft massage insert

  • Double or single express as desired

  • Endorsed by the Australian Breastfeeding Association

What's included?

When you receive the Ardo Calypso Double Electric Breastpump, your box will contain the following items:

  • 1 x Calypso Breastpump unit
  • 2 x Pumpsets (26mm breast shells with 150ml bottles)
  • 2 x 31mm Breastshells
  • 2 x 28mm Breast shell inserts
  • 2 x Optiflow (fits in 31mm breast shell)
  • 1 x Brush for cleaning
  • 1 x Bottle holder
  • 1 x Mains adapter
  • 1x Instruction manual


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