Apple Park Organic Farm Buddies - Ballerina Mouse

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Ballerina Mouse loves to cuddle and play and DANCE with YOU all day! Unlike other mice, she is made of non-toxic, organic materials. Ballerina Mouse loves to share her dance moves, and would love to see you twirl too.

Parents love:

  • How she's made of all organic fabrics and materials, so you can rest easy and your little one rests easy with their safe new friend.
  • Knowing that the environment you create for your child is a healthy one, with organic low-chemical toys.
  • Having asthetically pleasing toys in your nursery, to add to your excitement about a new baby.

Children love

  • Having a great and comforting friend. Children, especially babies, often find it easier to settle and feel comfortable when they have a friendly comforting toy like this one with them.
  • The rattle inside, which is so much fun.

What is the Apple Park Promise?

Safe for children, better for the environment, and always beautifully green… that’s the Apple Park Promise. This is a company that really cares about providing organic, safe products for children.

What's she made of?

100% organic cotton fabric 
Hypo-allergenic sustainable corn fibre filler

How is it packaged?

Recycled paper printed with soy ink.