Our loyalty program!

Baby Box now offers a loyalty program! This is just a little thank you from us to you, for supporting our business and whanau. It's easy to join, all you need to do is provide your email address to us when you make a purchase and we'll email you an invite to sign up to the program.

Baby Box loyalty is a thank you to our customers!

How it works:

  • For every $50 spent, you earn $1 loyalty.
  • $1 loyalty = $1 to redeem in store.
  • Every transaction earns loyalty, so if you spend say $10, you will earn $0.20 loyalty.
  • You can earn a bonus $5 loyalty if you complete the loyalty program form.
  • From time to time, we'll run bonus promotions and offer extra loyalty for those who have signed up to the program.
  • You can earn loyalty from your first purchase in store. However, if your first purchase is through our online store, your first sale will not earn loyalty (but your second can).

Because good friends are loyal friends.

Redeeming loyalty:

  • Loyalty can be redeemed in store, as soon as you've earned $1 loyalty.
  • You can choose to save your loyalty up for a specific purchase.
  • Please note that loyalty cannot be redeemed via the online store.

Thanks for being loyal!

Small print:

  • Loyalty is non-transferrable. You can't gift it to someone else, but you can buy them a gift using your loyalty.
  • Loyalty is non-refundable. If you purchase something with loyalty and return it, you will only be refunded the balance you paid with cash/credit. You will not be refunded the loyalty $ related to the sale.
  • Loyalty is not offered to trade customers or on top of staff discounts.
  • Baby Box Ltd reserves the right to cancel this loyalty program at will. If the loyalty program is cancelled, we will give you a month's notice so you can use your loyalty in store. However, loyalty $ will not be paid out, so you will need to use it or lose it.
  • When you spend loyalty $, you won't earn loyalty $. For example, if you save up $50 loyalty and spend it, you won't earn the $1 loyalty that you would have earned if you had paid in cash.
  • Only items purchased from us will earn loyalty. This means things like gift cards, shipping charges, or hires, will not earn loyalty $.