Friends of Baby Box

This collection is a catalogue for influencers. We will typically ask our influencers to promote one brand at a time.

In exchange for a product, we ask that you do promote our shop.

We will create a unique code just for you to encourage your followers / friends to use. If they use it they will get a 10% discount on the brand highlighted by you.

You can choose how to promote these pieces, but we ask that you do promote them if you like them. If you do not promote them because there is an issue with the product please let us know. If you don't let us know why you aren't promoting a product we may not offer any more.

Promotion ideas:

- blog posts

- reviews

- facebook lives

- instagram pics

- giveaways

We will track use of your coupon codes. The more people use your code, the more products you will be eligible to receive!