Go Bamboo Toothbrush

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A Go Bamboo toothbrush is an ideal product for waste-free parents, and also keeps little teeth sparkly. 

The Go Bamboo toothbrush is:

  • Made of natural and more sustainable bamboo and sealed with edible wax.
  • Reuseable (use it to clean your bike or jewellery when it gets a little gross).
  • Biodegradable (shave the bristles off and add to your compost or stick it into your lawn to decompose).
  • Useful with dual length soft to medium bristles.
  • Easy to write on or decorate (so you can differentiate brushes within the family).
  • Packaged in a sealed recycled cardboard box.

The Go Bamboo company aims to reduce the impacts of plastic in our oceans. This is a real problem as plastics continue to accumulate and churn into areas bigger than whole States. The philosophy is to start where we are, and do what we can.

Go Bamboo won the waste minimisation section of the 2012 Green Ribbon Awards, which honour outstanding contributions to protecting New Zealand’s environment.