Bambeado Adult Silicone Teardrop Pendant

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The silicone teardrop pendant is 1.2cm thick and 6.8cm high and 4cm wide. It comes mounted on an 80 cm black silk thread complete with a safety snap clasp. Little hands will love to hold on and play with the silicone pendant - a great distraction while feeding. They look great and are so practical especially if your baby is teething. 

Silicone jewellery is fantastic for multi-tasking mums that love to wear accessories but are worried about items being mouthed - or worse - pulled and broken by inquisitive hands or mouths.

Bambeado silicone is made from 100% food grade silicone and has been tested to ensure it is free of heavy metals, and is PVC and BPA free. 

Bambeado silicone is easy to look after - just simply wash with soap and water and dry with a clean cloth. Bambeado silicone jewellery is not a toy and children should not be left unsupervised with Bambeado silicone products.