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What happened recently?? New brands in store!

What happened recently?? New brands in store!

Wow it's already 2018!!??!?! WHAT?!

We've done a lot over the past few weeks/months! It's difficult when in the thick of it, so we're going to try and post an appreciation post every month or so to update you all on what we've been doing and to remind ourselves to celebrate the wins.

Exciting new international brands

The most exciting thing recently was probably bringing in our first internationally sourced products with help from an Australian based distributor. We introduced three great new brands: Bumbleride, Done by Deer, and Childwood.

Introducing Bumbleride

Bumbleride are amazing strollers, kind of like Mountain Buggy but a bit different, and super fantastic for families with tall dads and short mums due to the adjustable handle. These strollers are great for active families. We've already had the Bumbleride featured by our local supplement shop here in Paraparaumu on their Facebook page which was unexpected but totally wicked! We can't wait for more of our local families to buy these so we can spot them around town. 

Introducing Done by Deer

Done By Deer has proven to be our most popular offering in store this month. You guys are loving the cute elephant Elphee the most. We love her too. The best thing about Done By Deer is that you can co-ordinate all of your baby's things, from your baby's swaddle, through to their meal time gear, and even their toys. Everything's also either dishwasher safe or machine washable. It's like they thought of everything.

Introducing Childwood

The Evolu2 highchair from Childwood / Childhome is also really cool. It converts into a little chair and it seems like all the toddlers just can't resist sitting in the display model (which is totally encouraged by us). This highchair is really neat for oh so many reasons but at first we felt maybe it was too expensive, because it does cost more than other highchairs. Then we price-checked, and couldn't find another European designed highchair like it anywhere near the price of the Evolu2 in New Zealand. We were also really hard pushed to find other highchairs that converted into decent child seats. So that makes us happy because we like offering our customers a lot of value.

Our other brands

We do have other international brands in store, but these mainly come via New Zealand based distributors. We also have a lot of Kiwi brands here too, like Atawhai Farms, Tahi Designs, Baby Bundles, Bebe & i, and Touchwood. It's been really nice starting the shop with a great selection of Kiwi products. 

What we've learnt

Importing has been very interesting for us and a bit of a sharp learning curve. We had to think about exchange rates, and shipping costs, and GST, and customs. But when the range came in it really was worth it to see them on the shelves.

One of our favourite things is watching first time fathers push the Bumbleride stroller around the shop, playing pretend. There's something strange about cots and strollers. Dads just love 'em. And that's really lovely to see.

What are you grateful for today? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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Jane - January 23, 2018

It’s nice to see a positive post like this. Can’t wait to read about what’s next in store!

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