Check out our upcycled retail displays and shop counter!

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Check out our upcycled retail displays and shop counter!

You wouldn't know it, but some of our retail fixtures are upcycled. We're really proud of our efforts with them.

Our shop counter was originally unwanted surplus from a hairdresser's salon in the Hutt. We cleaned it off and used it as the base for our counter, adding a front to it to fit our style and theme.

Free standing displays came from EB Games. Originally blue with white shelves, and somewhat beat up, with some imagination these were upgraded into our classy displays.

We are really pleased with how it all worked out. Especially because this means less junk into landfills <3

If you're keen you might have also noticed our tissue wrap paper is displayed on part of an old cot. This works well for keeping the paper tidy and brings utility back to a cot that otherwise would have been thrown out as it wasn't up to current safety standards.

A number of our suppliers, like Haakaa, make a huge effort to reduce waste associated with parenting, and their efforts as businesses inspire us. While Baby Box still isn't a zero waste business, we are proud of our efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle (or upcycle).

What do you think of our efforts? 

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