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Starting 2019 from a place of abundance

Starting 2019 from a place of abundance

Wow!!! It's already February!! Can you believe it? I know I can't! 

What are your plans for 2019?

I am going to come out and say it right now: I love new years. I love New Year's Eve and looking back at the year just gone - good and bad. I love setting new goals and intentions. I love being optimistic about the good to come. So I also love asking people what their New Years' Resolutions are and what they have on for 2019. So tell me... comment below or send us a message over Facebook or email! What are your plans for 2019?

Personal goals for 2019

For our whanau, we want to really focus on simplifying this year. This means less stuff, more time together, less stress about things that don't matter, and more time going back to basics on things like our finances, our diet, and so on.

We started the year by decluttering all our clothing (thank you Marie Kondo!). This was really interesting actually because we found that the children were able to declutter their own things quite sensibly, following the guidelines of "Does it bring joy?" and "Do you want to have this going into the future?". Even our 5 year old was able to grasp this concept and apply it which was really cool.

The best part was thanking the items we gave away, and hearing the kids actually say more than just "thanks" but also "thanks Nanny for buying this for me when you did but now it doesn't fit" and "thanks to my cousin for giving me this". We hadn't realised how much meaning they had associated with their belongings.

We've also been walking a lot more, and using the Bumbleride Indie stroller to get some vitamin D and some time relaxing together in. For the past few weeks we have been walking almost every day.

Business goals for 2019

As part of the Venus Network, we completed the Venus Summer School program and developed some really amazing and motivating goals for Baby Box. One of those is to develop a product review library of videos for our customers who shop online which I'm quite excited/intimidated by. Any suggestions on what we should review first? 

Thanks for your business

Again January was a  great month for sales and we met so many cool families. We are so appreciative of everyone who shops with us & it makes us happy to see people coming back and claiming their loyalty rewards too. 

Mam now available at Baby Box

In January we brought in the Mam range, and ran a small giveaway to announce this. We ran this on socials: Instagram and Facebook. What was really lovely was that we also garnered quite a bit of feedback from doing this, both on what people liked most from the range and also from people who had used the brand with their babies and loved it. A common theme was "it's the only bottle my baby took". That's exciting for us!! We LOVE helping parents navigate those challenges successfully - like going back to work. Because work sucks but your baby can still be happy, right?

EzPz now available at Baby Box

We also brought in the EzPz range of placemat bowls and compartment plates. I'm really excited about this cute range for toddlers. They actually don't shift either, and have fab reviews from mums.



What's next?

We have some other new products in our sights for this year to bring in to the store so I would love it if you kept coming in and shopping with us so you can share our excitement hahaha.

And, as we change seasons we are planning a few amazing promotions too on seasonal items, like the Close Pop-in Swimwear and the mello spring collection. Keep checking our sales page for this!

This month we also have the Axissfix Air coming down in price so that's going to be amazing - customers who want the best will be able to get it at such a steal! It's probable this is going to be the lowest price this year so RUN hahaha. And ask us questions about the Air too.


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