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May updates - change to our hours, new products, and specials!

May updates - change to our hours, new products, and specials!

Can you believe it's already May? I know I can't! Whew what a busy life this is. Especially with kids. This month we have some important news to share so I'll jump right into it! 

The sad news

First we have the sad news that Kirsty will no longer work regular Saturday hours. I know so many customers have really appreciated being able to rely on her knowledge of the products in store, and her skills as both a Child Restraint Technician, Lactation Consultant to be, avid baby carrier user and cloth nappy fan. 

Her little family are missing out on too much weekend family time unfortunately, so instead Kirsty has agreed to support us on a casual basis. So there is a silver lining! And lucky for us and our customers we can still plug in to the Kirsty magic. We are very grateful for Kirsty's continued support.

We're hiring

With this news though, we will need to find a new staff member, or perhaps a few willing to work casual shifts. If you have an interest in our shop and what we do, please email us or pop in store to talk to Nicklyn.

We're looking for someone who has an energetic and engaging personality. Bright hair, tattoos, or maybe a mum in a rock band (obviously these things are not mandatory). However there will be significant bonus points if you're willing to feature in our Facebook Lives and instagram stories. 

Change to shop hours / operations for Sundays

We have also made a decision to close our store on Sundays. Our stats from the last few months have told us that Sunday is one of our slowest days, with most Sunday orders being online orders.

By closing the store on Sunday, we will be able to spend more time as a family and also will be able to focus on promotional and community activities. We might even make it to one of the Kapiti mums and babes picnics! So we are a little excited about that.

Our online store will still be available 24/7, and we are going to allow Sunday appointments - particularly for car seat installs. We know how busy parents are and if you do need to visit on a Sunday we have no problem with arranging a time with you for this to happen. Send us a message on Facebook messanger, or email us, and we will see what we can do.

New products

This month we landed some new Done By Deer toys and other cool items, and we increased our stock of Bambeado teething accessories so that we have the cute amber bean anklets as well as the necklaces.

We have also recently introduced the amazing Clek car seat range. Clek have amazing safety technology and extended rear facing limits. They also come in amazing prints and colours, and are the narrowest seats on the market (great for three across the backseat). You can install them rear or forward facing, and they have adjustable recline angles. Truly awesome car seats.

We've also restocked a few of our staples. For fun I've filmed a few videos to show you guys what it's like receiving new products into the store. I hope you like them.



I am so excited to launch a special promo on our Touchwood cots this month which is running for May and June 2018. It is a limited time offer so get in quick to secure it. You can find out more by clicking here.

As our regulars know, we do not run big 50% off store wide sales, but we do have reasonable prices and reward loyalty through our amazing Loyalty Program. If you aren't in it, please be sure to sign up next time you visit. 

Thanks again to our amazing customers and your babies for your continued support.

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