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It's all coming together at Baby Box!

It's all coming together at Baby Box!

The store at 18 Ihakara Street is finally coming together! We're so pleased to see our vision coming to life! Where are my party shoes? I need them! 

Below are some of the things that we've put in place which make me especially proud as a business owner.

Free parking! Wahoo!

Outside we have car-parks, which customers do not need to pay for. This is where our car seat tech will install your car seat if you buy one from us.

Our beautiful premises: 18 Ihakara Street, Paraparaumu

Our landlord has been a true gem, supporting our business to get up on it's feet and completing work on site to help make the shop look and feel wonderful. Step inside our lovely wide doors, and come meet us soon.

When you step inside you'll find we have beautiful custom made plywood displays which actually, honestly, I'd love to have for my kids rooms. Included is a dollhouse wardrobe and super awesome storage cupboards and shelves that keep everything tidy and beautifully displayed. Time to browse!

Customer facilities

Making things easy for mums of toddlers, we have customer toilets in store including a baby change table for your convenience.

When you're not busy shopping, our community space and feeding chair in front of our Baby Box green wall is cosy and a great (free!) catch up space for coffee groups. We even have a notice board where we display community items of interest for local parents.

Easy point of sale system

At the counter you'll find a simple point of sale system which can email receipts to help you keep them safe (and ensure you can make use of those warranties if you need to).

Eco-friendly bags

Alongside that we have eco-friendly packaging. We are gonna try encourage our customers to bring reusable bags, but we also have paper bags available if you need them.

Gift wrapping services

We also offer gift wrapping services for those pressed for time. So handy for baby showers! Aw presents make me happy.

Aw actually, the whole shop makes me happy. It's a beautiful set up and I'm sure our local parents will love it. We're looking forward to meeting you all in store!

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