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Introducing the Done By Deer friends!

Introducing the Done By Deer friends!

The Done By Deer range came into Baby Box in December - just in time for many of our customer's Christmas shopping!

We're all gooey for this range for a number of reasons, not least being the Done by Deer friends. These little guys feature on the Done By Deer dinnersets, in their cuddly toys, and through their lifestyle accessories. This means it's easy to co-ordinate your home and keep it beautiful as a parent, but also means your child has a friend alongside them in their every day life.

So, without further ado - here are the bios of the Done By Deer little friends: 


Elphee the snuggly elephant is gorgeous

Motto: "Your secrets are safe with me"

Elphee is an African elephant. She is cheerful and loves to play in the water. Every chance Elphee gets, she jumps in the water and dances around until she is all wet and dirty. But Elphee gets tired from playing around in the water all day, so she likes to take really long naps.

Elphee is a true friend who will never leave your side. If you like a good laugh, need someone to listen to your stories or to keep your most deerest secrets, Elphee is certainly a great friend for you.



Raffi the giraffe is a lot of fun!

Motto: "Long necks are for long hugs"

Raffi is a giraffe and lives on the African savannah. She is very elegant and sophisticated and loves to dress up. Raffi is a very loving friend and likes to hug – she is always happy and ready to play with everyone. And hide and seek is her favorite game. She sometimes wonder why she is always the first to be found??  

Raffi believes strangers are just friends she hasn’t met yet. You can be sure that she will always help you if you are in trouble, and all your secrets are safe with Raffi.

Do you want to be Raffis new best friend?



Crocco is so cute!

Motto: "I'll look after you, my friend"

Croco is a cool crocodile with a warm heart that comes from Africa. Croco is tough and likes to skate, swim and listen to hip hop music very loudly. And when he thinks no one is looking he starts to dance as well. Just wait and see. Croco is a true best friend that sticks by you no matter what. Once you are Croco’s friend you are friends forever and he will protect you and guard all your favourite stuff.


Nozo loves parties

Motto: "New adventures – here I come"

Nozo the rhino, lives in Africa. He is a tough guy. He is NEVER afraid of anything – or so he says. Well, with the exception of mosquitoes. But when there are no mosquitoes in the air, Nozo is a super good friend who helps everyone he knows. And if all his friends are looking for new adventures, it is always Nozo who leads the troops. But if there are mosquitoes, he returns to home.


Antee is super sweet

Motto: "It's okay to be nozy"

Antee the South American anteater is extremely curious and not afraid of anything. She is very beautiful with black and white stripes and a nose with the loveliest orange color. She is always searching for food and new adventures.


Zebee sure is fun

Motto: "Enjoy the day. Sleep at night"

Zebee is a very silly zebra from Africa. She loves running around the savannah very fast. She always has plenty of good ideas. Some ideas, better than others. But she is always fun to be around, and none of Zebee's friends will ever be bored. In the evening she becomes very tired. And she snores out loudly as soon as she falls asleep.


Ozzo likes to play with friends

Motto: "Come dance with me"

Ozzo is a hippo and he lives in Africa. He is a very cautious type. He examines everything and asks for permission. He's a bit clumsy and often comes into trouble – not that it was ever intended. His heart is big and warm. But once he listens to music he starts to dance. Instantly. And he's the greatest dancer in Africa.

Who is your favourite?

Our favourites we have to admit have flavoured the shop's offerings a little bit! We love Elphee (Nicklyn's fav), Crocco (Nat's fav) and Raffi (Lex's fav). With our next shipment we'll be sure to bring more friends into New Zealand for you. Drop us a comment or flick us an email if you have a preference.

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