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How to buy a stroller like Anika Moa

How to buy a stroller like Anika Moa

How do you buy a stroller like Anika Moa?

We saw on Insta that Anika Moa has had her pēpi! Such wonderful news for her family.

While we are really really really excited about that, because: babies, we thought actually it might be more useful to you if we looked into things like her stroller. Because, you can't steal her baby, but you can lust over the same things as her hahaha. We will help you do it. 

Anika sorted out this purchase a wee while before baby was born. We know this from Instagram #legitsource. A month or two ago she purchased some new baby gear for baby number 4, and guess what? She's got a new Edwards & Co Oscar G3 stroller!

It's really not uncommon for parents to buy better stuff for baby number 2, 3, or even 4, because by this stage you just think "Stuff this, there is no way I'm pushing that cranky old stroller around, it's time for us to get something DECENT". Looks like celebrities are no different to the rest of us!

Edwards & Co Oscar G3 Anika Moa Stroller


What stroller features were important to Anika Moa (and her wife)? Here's our speculation...

Anika probably has way more friends than we do (I mean, she definitely has more friends than we do, who are we kidding???). We think she would have needed a stroller that was easy to navigate on coffee dates and such. The Oscar has a comparatively short frame and is easy to move around shops and Auckland cafes.

She is also a nature lover - if you've listened to her Songs For Bubbas you'll hear her singing Oma Rapeti, Little Bird and Animals in my Room. We reckon she's the kind of mum who would enjoy taking the children to the park and just being outside. The Oscar is all-terrain with air-filled wheels so it can handle that.

Anika is a very fun lady, and when it came to shopping strollers we think she probably cared about having a stroller that had some style. The Oscar has a bit of oomph to it when it comes to looks, with either a Black Frame or a Rose Gold Frame as opposed to the more traditional Aluminium look.

Anika cares about the brands she buys. If you stalk her Insta (you know you want to) you'll realise she wears fun lesser-known Kiwi brands. She is not a Gucci or Chanel type. She likes stuff that has people behind it. Edwards & Co is a cool Kiwi company run by dads. I bet that appeals to Anika!

The stroller also had to be newborn friendly. We saw Anika grabbed the compatible capsule and the compatible carrycot so it's obvious she wants the best in newborn portability.

The Edwards & Co's Oscar has both parent or forward facing modes which we think Anika and her wife would have found awesome! After all, it means they get to have fun chats with their baby.

And we also believe in our souls that Anika Moa is the kind of laid back woman who would relate to a mum needing caffeine to survive the day. Oscar has a cup holder designed especially for this - we're sure Anika has one of these too!

Get you the same stroller as Anika Moa - available at Baby Box:

Yes, it is actually possible to be Anika Moa's twin. Here you go guys...



Hey, Anika, here's some other things we think you'd love:

And because we are a cheeky little baby shop, of course we've put together some personalised recommendations.


This cool bag has pockets, it has style, and it's made by a little known Kiwi brand AGLOW, who also make amazing maternity and breastfeeding clothes too.


Things have improved, Anika! The Haakaa generation 3 pump allows you to pump breast milk right into the bottle. Replace the funnel bit with the bottle bit and you're all good. Pretty cool, right? And Haakaa is of course another Kiwi company.


You need these in your life!! Tahi Designs are making Te Reo an every day occurrence. We think this is something you can get behind!

Wishing you & your whanau all the best <3

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