How does the Edwards & Co Oscar G3 compare with the Mountain Buggy Swift?

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How does the Edwards & Co Oscar G3 compare with the Mountain Buggy Swift?

For parents looking for a complete travel system, the Edwards & Co Oscar G3 and the Mountain Buggy Swift are both highly recommended in New Zealand parent groups on Facebook. 

This blog post is for parents looking for a complete point by point breakdown on the two, which is often missing from the "we've got this, it's great!" online reviews. We hope it helps you decide on the best stroller and travel system for your family.

Introducing the Edwards & Co Oscar G3

This is the Oscar G3, featured with the Rose Gold frame (it also comes in Black - great for mad keen All Blacks fans!).

Edwards & Co think they are famous for their jandel friendly brake, but actually we think the Oscar G3 is famous because of it's versatility. The seat can move from parent facing to forward facing, it can lie flat for a newborn or upright for a toddler, and it can be quickly removed and replaced with either a carrycot or an infant capsule. 

Introducing the Mountain Buggy Swift

This is the Mountain Buggy Swift. It's a light weight stroller, and you can buy accessories to kit it out into a modern travel system. The Mountain Buggy Swift is famous for it's compact design, and of course for being an all terrain "Mountain Buggy".

mountain buggy swift

Why do parents often end up tossing up between these two strollers?

Simply put, they are both simple and easy to use solutions for parents travelling with kids, and they both fall into a more affordable price bracket. 

Here are some of the key similarities:

  • They both have good suspension and air filled tyres which means that they pop up onto the kerb smoothly and its comfortable to push over different terrain. Note that the Oscar G3 comes with the pump included.
  • Both have a full recline seat, go from flat all the way to upright for a nosy preschooler, with great seat height in both.
  • Both have adjustable handlebars so you can make it suit mum or dad. 
  • Both have storage compartments for bottles, which is kind of important.
  • The weight capacity on both is to 20 kg. This means they will both last through to toddler.
  • Both are light. The Swift is lighter at 9.1kg, BUT, the Edwards & Co seat comes off quickly and if you take the seat off then the frame is only 8.5 kg and the seat is 3.7 kg, which means when you are actually lifting it into the boot of the car the weight difference doesn't matter (and it's handy to have the weight when you are walking around as it keeps baby grounded).
  • Both come with a safe 5 point harness, and of course comply with all legal minimums.
  • Both are compatible with matching carry cots, infant capsules, and skate board type options.
  • Both have a lockable front wheel for jogging.
  • They are both really easy to manoeuvre, great for the shops or outdoors.
  • Both come with a belly bar to help keep active toddlers contained and safe.
  • And both come with 2 year warranties.  

When would you prefer a Mountain Buggy Swift to an Edwards & Co Oscar G3?

  • You want a different colour of stroller (the G3 only has a few mainly black fabrics, whereas Swift comes with a reversible Black/Colour fabric).
  • You need the smallest and lightest option. Maybe because you have a super small car boot.
  • You like having a hand brake.
  • You want to install your carry cot at a bit of an angle from time to time.

When would you choose an Edwards & Co Oscar G3 over a Mountain Buggy Swift?

  • The parent facing setting is important to you. Parent facing mode on the Oscar G3 allows you to see your baby and keep them entertained talking to you.
  • You love that Rose Gold or Black frame.
  • You appreciate having a bigger basket for your baby gear.
  • You love fitting it with the carry cot and capsule without the need for any adapters.
  • You want that jandel friendly foot brake.
  • You are a bit taller (the Swift is a wee bit short).


We hope this helps. Please do not hesitate to call us on 04 298 6404 if you have any questions about how these strollers compare. Or, learn more about the Edwards & Co Oscar G3 here!

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