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How does the Bugaboo Fox compare with the Bumbleride Indie

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How does the Bugaboo Fox compare with the Bumbleride Indie

Recently we received a phone call from a mum who was tossing up between a Bugaboo Fox and a Bumbleride Indie. We thought why not put up a comparison blog post for mums and dads like her, who are comparing the two.

Introducing the Bumbleride Indie

This is the Bumbleride Indie, featured in Dove Grey and Mint. It comes in a variety of colours but our favourite is black, as the dye process uses less water than other colours. Famous for being the "eco-friendly" stroller of choice for active families: each stroller is made with 28 recycled plastic bottles.

Introducing the Bugaboo Fox

This is the Bugaboo Fox. Like most Bugaboo strollers, it's available in a range of fantastic colours, and has a number of options for customisation. Bugaboo strollers are a bit of a status symbol among mums, and, like the Bumbleride, also use recycled PET bottles in the fabrics - up to 92 recycled bottles into the Core Collection fabrics.


How are the Bumbleride Indie and Bugaboo Fox similar?

  • Both use recycled plastic bottles in their fabrics, and pay close attention to materials. These strollers are great for parents who care about sustainability.
  • Both have high re-sell value due to the quality and durability of the strollers.
  • Both are all terrain. The Indie is slightly better outdoors, while the Fox is slightly better indoors or around the shops.
  • A safe five point harness features in both models, to keep your little one secure.
  • Both are easy to maneuver. 
  • They are both designed to carry small infants (the Bugaboo using the bassinet attachment, and the Bumbleride using either it's lie flat bassinet mode or a carrycot attachment).
  • Both can also adjust, and carry your child through to toddler-dom.
  • They each have a number of recline options.
  • Each of these strollers has an easy to adjust handle, so that you can make it suit both a short mum and a tall dad (or tall mum and short dad, or short dads, or tall mums, or mums of different heights, or dads of different heights...). The Bumbleride Indie has a handle that can adjust up or down, whilst the Bugaboo Fox has a telescopic handle.
  • Both come in a variety of colours. There are more options though, with the Bugaboo.
  • You can attach a carseat to either. They both work particularly well with the Nuna, Cybex, Maxi-Cosi or Peg Perego infant capsules.
  • They each come with a number of attachments such as attachable scooters for older siblings.
  • Both have shoe-friendly foot brakes.
  • Both come with large baskets, with built in pockets.
  • Both are light. The Bugaboo Fox is 9.9 kg and the Bumbleride Indie is 10.8kg. Easy for lifting into your car boot.
  • Both come with great warranties (Fox is 2 year, while Indie is 3 years on the frame, 1 on tyres).

When would you prefer a Bugaboo Fox to a Bumbleride Indie?

  • You want a mode that faces you. The Bugaboo can face either way, whereas the Bumbleride only faces you if you have a carrycot attachment.
  • You like having four wheels, which gives greater stability especially indoors or when pushing one-handed.
  • You love being unique, and being able to select different colours for your sunshade to your chair fabric and so on, makes you feel excited.
  • You like the higher seat placement, which makes it a bit easier to get your child in and out of the stroller.


When would you choose a Bumbleride Indie over a Bugaboo Fox?

  • You want a higher weight capacity. The Indie holds a child until 55 lb. In comparison, the Fox has a maximum capacity of 48.5 lb.
  • You want a very easy fold. The Fox doesn't fold as cleanly, and you may find yourself needing to remove the wheels to fit it into your boot.
  • You're sun conscious. The Indie has a broad sunshade, which protects your child even when they are fully reclined.
  • You want to go jogging or off-road. The 3 wheels, and lockable front wheel, enable jogging. If you wanted to jog with a Bugaboo, you would need to buy an additional running chassis to put your Bugaboo seat onto (an additional $694 cost).
  • You like having a peek-window to keep an eye on your forward-facing child.
  • You want everything all in one, and don't want to spend a huge amount of money. The Bumbleride Indie is $899.95, and this price includes the sunshade, the fabric, the frame and tyres, even a pump for those tyres. In comparison a Bugaboo Fox frame is around $1,494; the bassinet for your infant $229, a canopy $143, and a seat for $125 (that's $1,991 excluding any extras - like sunshades, maintenance kits, rain covers, etc). [Price check completed May 2018].

    We hope this helps. Please do not hesitate to call us on 04 298 6404 if you have any questions about how these strollers compare. Or, learn more about the Bumbleride Indie here.