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Holiday Shopping for a 3 Year Old

Holiday Shopping for a 3 Year Old

We let Mr 3 loose in the store to help inspire today's gift guide - inspired by this earlier blog post from our archives! Wanna see what he picked?

A Doctor's Case

Classic World Doctor Case

This was the very first thing he went for (after the Christmas tree - because Christmas is exciting). It was pretty cool to see him go for this one, because it's one he can involve others with. He is my third baby, so any toy that accommodates sharing is a win in our house!




The Wooden Cheese Board Toy

Big Jigs Cheese Board Toy

More sophisticated than the classic world cutting fruit or vegetables - this cheese board really caught his eye!




The Roll Along Pull Snail

Classic World Pull Along Snail

He asked me "Is it a turtle?" and then we realised it was a snail. This one is super fun, when you pull the snail along the balls jiggle around, and the house can also come off too.




The Cutting Vegetable Puzzle

Classic World Cutting Vegetables Puzzle

This puzzle intrigued him. Given it would encourage him to love his vege, I like it too! Lately he's been doing a lot of puzzles at daycare, and I think he recognised this was a puzzle. But, it's also a cutting toy. He loves helping me in the kitchen so I think that was part of the attraction.




A Dinosaur Toilet Seat

Dinosaur Training Toilet Seat

He already has one of these at home, so he kind of thought this was his already and that it was funny that it was hanging on the shelf in the shop!




A Yellow Rain Jacket

Yellow Rain Jacket

He thought this jacket was pretty cool and decided to take a photo with it. These are on clearance now as we come into summer, so be quick if you're interested.




Little Mashies Reusable Feeder

Little Mashies Reusable Feeder

He was absolutely fascinated by this reusable feeder. It's pretty fun, I have to admit! The bottom is also a bit like a resealable zipper, so you can use it and wash it and use it and wash it. It's great for carting yoghurt and similar to day care (or even smoothies - watch out for my smoothie recipes at the end of this article).




The Classic World Rainbow Maraca Rattle

Classic World Rattle

Although this is probably not something I would select for a 3 year old, he kept coming back to these rattles! He found it really cool that they were different colours, and I think would have organised the order of them a little if we hadn't had so many other things to look at. He also wondered whether the yellow would sound different to the red. It was nice to see him come up with a theory and test it out.




The B.Box Drink Bottle Drink Bottle

He loved this drink bottle! It's so funny, two years ago on our last blog post like this drink bottles were also popular. So I guess three and four year olds love drink bottles!




Smoothie Lid / Silicone Lid

B.Box Silicone Lid

And last but not least, he pointed out these silicone lids from They go over the top of any glass so that you can then put a straw into it reducing spills and allowing your little one a bit more independence. The ones actually have two in a pack and come with a neat holiday storage bag which is kind of cool. I was wondering if this captured his attention because we've been having smoothies for breakfast lately.




Smoothie Recipe For Mum:

  • 1 Scoop Protein Powder from Alchemy Nutrition
  • 1 Teaspoon Cocoa Powder
  • 1 Banana
  • 1 Half Avocado
  • Water

Add ingredients to the blender and blend and go!

Smoothie Recipe for Son:

  • Banana
  • Frozen Berries
  • Milk

Add ingredients to the blender and blend and go!


We hope you enjoyed this shopping trip as much as we did! We've always got new things in store to look at so come pay a visit with your little friends! If there's interest from your child in doing a blog post on their top picks we'd also be keen for that - just let us know if you'd like them featured here and we will see what we can do.



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