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Essentials for newborns during the COVID-19 Lockdown.

Essentials for newborns during the COVID-19 Lockdown.

UPDATE: We can ship all items in Level 3. Delays expected due to demands on the courier network and social distancing requirements.


I'm putting this post together today as I sit in my kitchen, metabolising all that's happened in New Zealand in the past week.

For clarity: Our physical store is closed and our online store is primarily accepting orders with a view that those will be processed and shipped at the end of the lock down period. 

At this time, I understand many of our customers will still need some of the items we sell, which are hard to find in supermarkets. This post is for you. This post lists those who are able to ship baby items during lock down. 

I implore you, if you are buying a baby shower gift, if you are purchasing "just because", please consider waiting. All of these businesses are working through, stressing out with a higher than normal volume of orders, and very limited staff numbers. They have also had to add extra safety steps into their distribution which again does slow them down. We do not want to overload them.

But, if you are at home, stuck with your wee baby, and worrying the f*** out. These businesses can help. They are here for you. AND SO ARE WE!

Edit: Baby Box 

We are now able to sell a small selection of essential health, hygiene and feeding products with permission from MBIE. I will create a collection so you can find these easily on the website. 

I am processing these orders from one room in my home, by myself. When processing orders I am using hand sanitiser (both before and after touching each package) and wearing protective gear. Items are then left for our courier to collect in a contactless manner. 

If you require a Work and Income quote for an essential item, just reach out via live chat or email and I can prepare one for you.  





New Edition

Bella from New Edition let me know that New Edition have scaled from a warehousing team of 10 down to 2 and have been approved as essential goods. They will be absolutely overloaded. They sell hand sanitisers as well as their Pumpd breast pump.

Now, they have let me know we will be getting our pre-order delivery which we were expecting in April. This may be delayed because they have a lot to work through. I will be able to send these as soon as we receive them. We have closed new pre-orders now though and what's left after current orders, will be donated to our local midwives.

The Lactation Station

Renee last updated that lactation cookies are considered essential food items. If you need lactation cookies, teas, etc, this is the place to go. In saying this, my understanding is it is just Renee shipping these out. Renee would usually work with her staff and would usually have her wholesalers helping meet local demand.  If you do not have an issue with keeping your supply up through lock down, I would suggest letting someone else get their order in ahead of you.


Kevin let me know that Unimom are working through. Unimom offer ELECTRIC and DOUBLE breastpumps. This will help our premmie babies, our twin mummies, and those who really need this support.


Tracey from Haakaa let me know today that their warehouse can ship online orders to customers, for breastfeeding supplies. If you need a Haakaa Pump, if you need a bottle or pacifier, they should be able to help. You may have some delays as they adjust to the operational requirements. Their full catalog will not be available to send during this time, only the most vital items.

More Than Milk

You know, Julia from More Than Milk has called me so many times asking me to bring her range of breast pumps on at our store but the past few months I haven't had the headspace to do it because we were downsizing our own team at the time. She's a midwive, and sells a wide variety of breast pumps and breastfeeding support, and offers breastfeeding support on her Instagram account. She is essential, she is still running. When we re-open, this legend will be one of my stockists.

Sleepy Tot

Sleepy Tot recently announced they have clearance to sell sanitisers,  breast pumps, vapourisers and warm clothing. I have been following them on social media and they have jumped through the hoops to get clearance to sell what is essential in a safe way.

Smarty Pants

This is another shop which can now send essential items for children, specifically items for warmth. They sell warm winter clothing and rain jackets.  I would encourage you to support this business after lock down as well when buying toys and gifts for children. I don't expect you will be able to get the full catalogue now - just those very important items for keeping children warm.

Driving Miss Daisy

Driving Miss Daisy is an essential service and has been from day one of lock down, helping the elderly and disabled get their shopping done, but equally available to help new parents get baby home from hospital, or to help solo parents get their grocery shopping done.

Edit: Big Box Retailers

You can now find select baby items at these stores too:

  • The Warehouse - great for disposable nappies and wipes.
  • Baby Factory
  • Baby City
  • Baby on the Move

You will need to check in with each store on what they have deemed "essential". For our store, we're taking the view that most of our products are not essential. 

And finally, a personal message from me:

We are still here. We won't be at the shop, but we're here. Please feel it. Please chat with me on Instagram if you are lonely. I'm a mum of three. I'm a child restraint tech. Is there something I can offer you? A piece of advice? A word of support? Just reach out. We can do this together!

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Lianna - April 2, 2020

You guys are awesome. Hugs to you and your family in this crazy time.

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