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Christmas gift ideas for a pregnant woman

Christmas gift ideas for a pregnant woman

Someone you love is pregnant. And it's Christmas. And you appreciate her. You don't want to get the wrong thing. What to do? Well. The first thing to do is drop the idea that you're gonna buy something cute for bubs and she'll be happy. Of course she will be, she's a loving mother. But this Christmas, get her something for her. Some of our favourite ideas include:

Super super comfy maternity leggies, $46

Ohh mmmm geee these are comfy! Make her day with some easy to wear leggies to help extend her holiday wardrobe options. 

A pregnancy photoshoot

Show her just how beautiful she is with a photo shoot from a maternity photographer.

The bebe & i photobook, $49

You'll need somewhere to keep those gorgeous belly pics, and where better than in a bebe & i photobook.

 A super cool silicon necklace, $16.94

Necklaces are fun, but for mums, sometimes a no go. A silicon necklace though is not only stylish, it's also safe to have around babies. 

    Beautiful breast pads, $10

    Breast pads are a functional necessity. But they don't have to look totally functional. The bright, beautiful patterns on Love Bubs' breast pads are a gorgeous stocking stuffer.

    A pregnancy pillow, $99

    A pillow will help her have a good night's sleep, with cushioning support in all the right places. 

    The Little Innoscents Summer Pack, $30

    When you're pregnant, sometimes your skin is a little extra sensitive. Little Innoscents products have 100% Natural, Pure and Organic ingredients, and importantly no hidden nasties. 


    Hopefully this list has helped give you some ideas for presents that spoil and celebrate the pregnant people in your life. Have a very merry Christmas :)


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